We are a family owned and operated business located in Winter Park, Colorado and Winter Park, Florida. Our staff is dedicated to bringing the finest honey possible to families all around the world. The wildflower honey that is created comes straight from the comb and to the bottle with nothing in-between to take away the rich, natural flavor. There is no heating, filtering, or straining which takes away the taste so you get to enjoy the full, rich honey flavor that nature intended.

We started our business with a single beehive that was given by relatives a long time ago. It took a little while at first before developing the hive into an apiary, which now supplies dinner tables around the world with fresh, delicious honey. What was once a hobby has now become a dedicated craft of the staff to ensure that anyone wanting the rich, flavorful natural honey can have it for themselves.

Local Bee Honey travels across the country every year collecting honey and pollen along the way. We also collect bee pollen, but that’s not enough! Most pollen allergies are caused by wind blown pollens that bees typically do not collect. Also, what about pollen that flourishes during times when the bees are hibernating and just bringing in enough honey to survive? Pollen generated by plants during these times will never get into a batch of honey. That’s where Local Bee Honey comes to the rescue. We collect these wind-blown pollens by hand. When major allergy-causing plants are blooming, Local Bee Honey is there! We have a patent-pending process to collect this variety of pollen and infuse it into our pure raw honey. We do this to create Local Wildflower Honey containing a huge variety of pollen from the area where you live. If you can’t find your local area honey in our store, please stay tuned. We’ll be heading out your way for honey soon and adding your location to the list.