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Local Channel 6 visits the Winter Park Honey Apiary Channel 6 came to visit the Winter Park Honey apiary and production facility. Click here to see what they have to say about us. There are some awesome shots of our bees as the fly out of the hive to get that wonderful Winter Park Honey nectar.

Winter Park Honey has a passion for creating great tasting honey.

Click here   to learn more about how Winter Park Honey got started. We have passion for beekeeping and strive to create the best tasting honey possible.

Click here to read Lifestyles  article “All Abuz the Hive” and find out more about Jean the Beekeeper.

Orlando Sentinel writes about Winter Park Honey removing a huge bee hive from an oak tree.

The Orlando Sentinel was there when Winter Park Honey ascended in a cherry picker with All Florida Bee Removal to relocate a huge beehive. Click here to read more. A bee flew into one of the reporters ears. She remained calm and eventually we were able to smoke the bee out with cigarette smoke. Now that’s using your resources!

Apitherapy – watch Jean the Beekeeper get stung!

Watch this FOX video of Jean the Beekeeper getting stung! Jean gets stung 100’s of times a week, but they caught her off guard with this one and she screamed. FOX made the most of it and Jean was the star of the show for several weeks. The objective of the program was to give an education on the power of apitherapy and how bee stings can help reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

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